Practice Nurses

Our Practice Nurses cover many areas of nursing practice including women’s health, pap smears, men’s health, infection control, chronic disease management including cardiovascular, asthma, diabetes, immunisations, maternal and child health, health promotion, wound managements, suturing, illness prevention and much more.

They work closely with our General Practitioners to tailor and implement personalised care plans for our patients while assisting you to improve your health outcomes.

Our practice nurses are a vital part of Botany Medical Centre’s health care initiative, assisting you and our medical practitioners in your general health and wellbeing.

Michelle Tran (RN)

Michelle graduated from the Australian Catholic University in 2014.

She has special Interests and skills in children’s health and immunisations, suturing and women’s health. Michelle can perform small wound suturing and pap smears amongst a wide range of other specialised skills.

Menchie Mesa (RN)

Menchi Mesa is also one of Botany Medical Centre’s highly trained nurses.

Menchi graduated from Western Sydney University in 2017 and also has a Diploma of Childhood Education and Care.

She has interests and is skilled in childhood immunisation, wound management, removal of sutures, travel vaccinations as well as general nursing duties. She is fluent in both English and Tagalog.

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